LA born native Jay Ponce have been tattooing for over 14 years, He's passionate about tattooing and everything about it, He's never chosen a specialty as it always felt that would be too limiting his artistic expression for both clients and himself. He likes to create based on the clients interest as well as his own keeping an open mind in which allows room for a custom designs for the recipients input.

He's worked in many tattoo parlors throughout the LA area as well as out-of-state guest spots, even though he's enjoyed the typical tattoo shop environment which can be fun and camaraderie with other artist and the general shop shenanigans, ultimately he wanted to create a space that was quite the opposite of that as more comfortable, providing a one-on-one, experience to offer a more personal and private approach to the tattoo experience which not only helps clients feel more relaxed but also helps him stay more focused and organized to giving undivided attention to the clients needs, not to mention feeling right at home to be ones self. his ultimate goal is to help people express some cells artistically with permanent beautiful body that they will forever love, as he puts his best effort each and every time.

Jay's created his business with a high conscious eco-friendly awareness of less toxic but still OSHA approved solutions, using all recycled paper products, all organic pigments, as well as future goals to go off the grid using self sustainable solar energy.

 "Our choices today will affect tomorrow" 

                                                               Jay Ponce